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Bay Area & San Francisco Home Price Maps

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San Francisco Bay Area Home Price Maps

Below are mapped analyses of recent Bay Area median home sales prices, including separate, and more detailed maps for San Francisco (by neighborhood), Marin, Sonoma, Napa and Central Contra Costa (Diablo Valley & Lamorinda). These maps, typically updated every 6 months or so, give an interesting, if approximate, overview of comparative home prices in the different areas of the city and Bay Area.

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Move your cursor over the maps to reveal city and neighborhood median sales prices.


Bay Area Median House Sales Price Map
Reflecting 2017 MLS Sales, Updated January 2018

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by Neighborhood, Updated January 2018

Reflecting 12 Months' House & Condo Sales
Reported to SF MLS

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Median prices are generalities, which typically hide an enormous disparity among the values of the underlying individual home sales, and often fluctuate for other reasons besides changes in value. Some neighborhoods or towns had relatively few sales during the period, which may produce anomalous results. Even a small change in the timeline of the analysis can affect median sales prices. This analysis was done in good faith, but may contain errors. How these values apply to any particular property is unknown without a specific comparative market analysis.


Median House & Condo Sales Prices
Sales Reported to MLS in 2017

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Median Home Prices

Reflecting 2017 MLS Sales, Updated January 2018

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Wine Country Median Home Sales Prices
Sales Reported to MLS in 2017, Updated January 2018

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Our Survey of San Francisco & Bay Area Demographics
Median price is that price at which half the sales occurred for more and half for less. It may be and often is affected by other factors besides changes in value, such as seasonality; changes in financing conditions, buying patterns and available inventory; and significant changes in the distressed and luxury home segments.

All median and average statistics are based on that relatively unique basket of homes that sell within the designated period and should be considered general approximations. It is unknown how they apply to any particular property without completing a specific comparative market analysis.


All data from sources deemed reliable but may contain errors and is subject to revision.
All numbers should be considered approximate.

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