San Francisco Home Prices, Market Conditions & Trends - Compass

August 2019. Home price appreciation trends, sales and values by city district, special circumstance sales (tenant-occupied, fixer-upper, GG Bridge views), market seasonality, luxury home sales, foreign homebuyers

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San Francisco Home Prices, Market Conditions & Trends - Compass

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Housing Affordability in the San Francisco Bay Area

August 2019. Probably the biggest political and social issue in the Bay Area, with large ramifications for the local economy and demographics: Housing affordability statistics - home prices and costs, home-price appreciation, minimum incomes to purchase, area household incomes, rents, interest rates and homelessness.

Napa County Real Estate Mid-Summer Report - Compass

August 2019. Home prices and sales for the county, by city, price segment and lot size; market seasonality and market statistics by city, foreign homebuyers in America

Tri-Valley Real Estate Mid-Summer Report - Compass

August 2019. Real estate market analyses for Castro Valley, Dublin, Pleasanton & Livermore: House and condo prices, appreciation rates, supply and demand statistics, luxury home sales, and market conditions, dynamics and trends. A Compass report.

30+ Years of Bay Area Real Estate Cycles - Compass

Booms, bubbles, adjustments - sometimes crashes - recessions and recoveries. Cycles in real estate and financial markets re-occur over and over again.

San Francisco New Condo Projects Q2 Report - Compass

July 2019. In-depth monthly and quarterly reports on San Francisco's larger new-condo projects - planned, under construction, and/or currently being marketed: project descriptions, inventory, list and sales prices, and average dollar per square foot values.

Impact of Spring IPOs on Bay Area Markets

July 2019: Compass Chief Economist, Dr. Selma Hepp offers in-depth analysis of San Francisco Bay Area real estate market conditions and trends, and the many economic factors, such as employment, IPOs and interest rates, that affect their dynamics.

North Contra Costa Q2 Report - Compass

July 2019. Reviewing the home prices, market trends and conditions of the Bay Area cities of northern Contra Costa County.

Santa Cruz County Q2 Report - Compass

July 2019. Home prices, and market conditions and trends for Santa Cruz County and its cities.